About Cocked Diesel

Justin Best is an A.C.E. certified trainer in Los Angeles, CA, working with his private clients at Muscle Mechanics in West Hollywood, near Beverly Hills and the Beverly Center.  Muscle Mechanics is a private trainers’ gym and is one of the best kept secrets in WeHo and Los Angeles for celebrities and industry people.

Justin grew up with a father who played professional football for the Chicago Bears, so athletics always was an important part of life.  After growing up in the Mid-West, Justin came out to California to work with his uncle, Dr. Ken Best, to help his weight loss clients get in shape as they lose excess weight.

After a horrific motorcycle accident, Justin discovered his passion for helping others through fitness. Having two major surgical operations, Justin was confined to a wheel chair for six months, graduating to crutches, and then a cane for some time. During his rehabilitation to walk again, muscle was lost and he gained sixty-five pounds of fat, making rehabilitation even tougher. This was Justin’s first steps toward having an integral understanding and perspective of how much diet influences a person’s ultimate goal in losing weight and getting in shape.

Many people want to lose weight, and getting in shape keeps the weight off, while feeling and looking healthy. Whether you are looking for a full body makeover or just toning up to be your best, Justin has a tailored program for you.

Cocked Diesel is about taking fitness to the next level. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional athlete or a beginner- Justin will tailor a fitness regime to help you reach your Best potential.