Extrinsic = Intrinsic = Dedication Some of us are born or raised with the ability to be Intrinsically Motivated (Internal Beliefs that motivate ones self. ) Most of the previously mentioned learned how to be Intrinsic. This is due to the external factors called “Extrinsic Motivation.” Extrinsic Motivation, the external factors that influence our lives, allow us to develop our Integrity, values, persistence and perseverance. When we use the strength […]

Extrinsic = Intrinsic = Dedication

Just lift and the rest will fall into place. Simply means not overwhelming ourselves with diets, supplementation, preworkout boosters, and or what the mainstream is doing. Just lift and have fun should be the goal here! Many times I hear people talking about going to the gym, or would have went if…, and I would like to go today but… . For the most part this is due to worring […]

Just lift and the rest will fall into place

How much time under tension do you spend training your targeted muscles during a given exercise session or set? Most people don’t even think about it, probably because they don’t know the difference, and they just move the weight and that’s it, leaving the gym without achieving the goals they set for themselves in the time frame they set it. Then they wonder why the are not getting any results! […]

Time Under Tension

Earth pulls on us all. Our lives are a relentless struggle with gravity each and every day. It should make sense that defying gravity makes life easier. How do we do this? We do it by incorporating resistance training into our lives. We put an overload on our bodies that is greater than that of everyday life. In turn, strength is gained and what once fatigued us, now, no longer […]

Defying Gravity (making life easier)

Why go into the gym only to walk out an hour and a half later feeling like you still could have done more. You could knockout the same workout in 45 minutes knowing that you couldn’t have done another set or rep! POWER=WORK/TIME. Higher volume and shorter rest periods (hypertrophy) will maximize your bodies lean muscle mass. By using an 8 to 12 rep range (this can go up to […]

Power = Work/Time (higher volume shorter rest periods)

In this society of instant gratification everyone wants to see fast results. A custom designed Professional Periodization program, tailored to your specific needs will optimize your results and ensure you achieve the body you always dreamed of!!                Firstly, establish and set a realistic goal. The body is an incredible machine, by following a structured professional program you will avoid injuries and still achieve […]

Getting in shape – Everyone wants fast results